The Iberian Experience

February 6, 2010

The Acquisition

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I have to begin this with a slight caveat, the very acquisition that I write of occurred almost exactly one year ago. February 2009. But, to be truthful, the foundations of this acquirement began a few years earlier…

Following high school, college took me far away from my city, my state…even my country, and consequently far away from any horse. Yet I have to stress that this separation was purely physical. Shortly before my temporary departure, a dear friend had purchased one of the most dramatic warmblood mares that I had ever seen.

This same friend called me one day (while I was still far away) to tell me of their decision to breed this astonishing creature. I remember the exact details of my surrounding as this conversation was taking place. I was standing in a Pets Mart, looking for a harness for my dog. I listened excitedly. As soon as I hung up the phone, I turned to my better half and said “They’re going to breed Expresso… One day, that baby could be mine.”

Truth be told I have no idea where that sentence came from. I was living a life that did not include horses whatsoever, with no future intentions to change that life. Yet what cognitive development evolved in order for me to arrive at that conclusion and subsequently that statement?

Exhibit A if you will; proof that my soul still longed for some equine fulfillment.

A few years, a college graduation, a substantial move and I was back in the city of my childhood, and back at the barn of my youth. After a year or so of “re-entry” into my equine life, my gracious trainer subtly suggested one day that I consider opening my life to a quirky, color changing, slightly awkward, yet “extraordinary” filly.

After crunching a few numbers and stretching my imagination… I accepted. The day I wrote the check was cold… it was after all last February. Over a cup of tea and a lazy afternoon, my trainer explained to me the genetic heritage, current condition (medical and otherwise), and elusive POTENTIAL of the filly.

Yet up to this point, I still only knew the filly on paper. Leaving the check signing meeting, I was walking towards my car and I saw her. For the first time, I was looking at a horse that was mine… MINE. For the first time my fate was somewhat dictated in a sense by another creature. Not in the way that a dog impacts your life, for that relationship is still, for the most part, under your direction.

And sure my life had been altered on the day I said “I do”, but we were, and still are, two very similar souls, with very similar goals. It undoubtably changed me, but I had expected that change.  No, this was different, unexpectedly that filly, had reached out and taken a hold of my life, almost as if she grasped my reins that I had managed to hold onto pretty tightly up until now. Whatever combination of growing pains, bad habits, exquisite beauty, and potential that she was, suddenly I was too.


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  1. Amazing how things work out! What a great story. I want to meet your filly. By the way, what does that mean?

    Comment by fallsnowtimothy — February 14, 2010 @ 7:55 am

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