The Iberian Experience

February 4, 2010

The Introduction

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Winston Churchill has recently become one of my favorite historic gentlemen.  Not really due to his paramount military victories (although I will give due recognition). No, my new found admiration for this individual came solely from the discovery of these words that he apparently had written down on some occasion; ‘There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.’

I have been in strong belief of this statement since I was about ten years old. An age when all other extra-curricular activities had left me desiring something more; an age when my dearest mother was relentless in her pursuit to find me something to pursue; an age that became vitally important as I look back on the course of my life.

Horseback riding was the newly proposed activity; an activity that turned almost instantly into a hobby, a sport, a lifestyle… a PASSION. For all you skeptics who have clumped me into a category of middle-school aged females claiming to be horse-crazy and doodling rudimentary sketches in my notebook during class, be forewarned, this was not just a phase. No, to the detriment of my free-time, wallet and at times my body, I assure you, this was not a phase.

Fast-forward a decade or so. After the strong competitive endeavors of a few years past, I found myself claiming I was desiring a challenge. Something new. Perhaps my unconscious was stirring within me with the realization that perchance I was a decent rider, but a decent rider is not the same as a decent horseman.

This impasse, this fork in the road, is where I begin what I have recently come to call it, the Iberian Experience.

The players:

an 18 month old Iberian Sport Horse filly

a 23  year old secretary/student by day, renegade rider by night

The challenge:

To create a mutually respecting relationship between man and beast that would equate to accomplishing any equestrian challenge (formal or informal) that we may encounter.

Here we go…


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